🌔 New ELLIPAL Titan Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet🌖Plus Adaper 16G SD Authorised Reseller

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What is cold wallet?

A cold wallet is an 100% Air-Gapped crypto hardware wallet that can never be connected to the internet. Cold wallet is fully protected from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and every other vulnerability that comes with connecting to the internet. Cold wallet is the highest security type of crypto wallets, which means the owner of the wallet has full control of their private keys.

On the other hand, hardware wallet is not Air-Gapped. When transferring cryptocurrency, hardware wallets require users to connect their hardware wallet to an online device via USB cable or Bluetooth. This connection is a risk.

ELLIPAL is the best cold wallet

Important notes:


Keep remote attacks away
Complete network isolation offline cold storage.
Built with no online components or ports.
Can never be connected to the internet.
Absolute protection against remote and online attacks.

Private keys stored will never touch the internet.

🛡Anti-disassembly & Anti-tamper

Protection against physical and supply chain attacks
Cannot be disassembled without leaving serious damages - preventing supply chain attacks.
The chip will delete every data when it detects a breach.
Dust and waterproof hardware.          

Resistant to impact and crush.

🛡Trustless trust

Full control: sign what you see

You don't have to trust ELLIPAL or anyone, but you can trust the cold wallet.
ELLIPAL's QR codes are open data format. It is public, verifiable, and offline.
Only QR codes are used to transfer data from the cold wallet, the QR code format is controlled, verifiable and transparent.
You can be sure that the private keys are never transmitted through the QR code.
Supports importing mnemonics and private keys from other wallets, you do not need to trust keys generated by ELLIPAL.
Advanced Features: passphrase support

🛡Coin list

40 Blockchains and 10,000+ Tokens supported. New assets are added frequently.

What's Inside the Box of Titan?

1*ELLIPAL Titan Cold Wallet
1*Plus Adapter
1*Memory card 16G
1*Instruction Manual
1*Charging cord
2*Mnemonics paper

Hardware Wallet:

Size: 118 * 66 * 9.7mm
Material: Aluminum alloy
Camera: 5M AF
LCD: 3.97 Inches
Battery: 1400 mAh
Standby Time: 259 hours
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 70°C



1. What happens if my ELLIPAL is broken, lost or stolen?

Do not worry about it, users can quickly and easily recover their account using mnemonics on a new wallet.

2. What happens to my coins if ELLIPAL stops all of its support?

Your account can be recovered with mnemonics on any other wallets that accepts 12 words format.

3. How many accounts can ELLIPAL hardware wallet hold?

ELLIPAL hardware wallet can hold from 5 to 10 accounts depending on the size of each account. A single account can hold every currency that ELLIPAL supports. Therefore, there is no need to create a new account for every coin you hold.