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*Ultimate Security & Durability] ELLIPAL Titan Mini hardware wallet features an Air-gapped system that ensures the device does not connect to any network or other devices, avoiding any remote attacks from hackers. The cold wallet also has a reinforced metal casing, it is not an easy task to damage it. Got stolen? This cold wallet comes with anti-tampering & anti-disassembly technology so that if the internal chip is dismantled by violence, it self-destructs. 100% security on your asset!

*[Support 10,000 Coins & Tokens] ELLIPAL EVM hardware wallet supports cross-chain multi-currency management, including 40 coins, 10,000+ tokens (including but not limited to BTC, BCH, ETH, TRX, DASH, DOGE, DIGIBYTE, LTC, XRP, ETC, USDT, ATOM ...). Also, we update the system regularly with new coins. If you are a cryptocurrency investor, having this cryptocurrency cold wallet will allow you to manage your assets more efficiently and conveniently.

*[Reliable Security Adapter] The ELLIPAL Titan Mini hardware wallet for cryptocurrency is equipped with a safety adapter. The magnetic security adapter provides offline firmware updates and device charging (product updates require an SD card to be inserted; SD cards are not included in the package). You can fully trust ELLIPAL to keep your information safe from theft at all times!

*[Easy to Use & Ultimate Cool] This portable cold wallet, half the size of a cell phone, comes with a 2.4-inch HD color touch screen that is very easy to operate. What's even more impressive is that this hardware wallet for cryptocurrency can support the creation of multiple accounts. If you accidentally lose your device, your property will be safely stored in your account and can be recovered on another ELLIPAL device using only a 12-word mnemonic helper.

*[One-Stop ELLIPAL APP] ELLIPAL Titan Mini crypto wallet works perfectly with the ELLIPAL APP, allowing investors to manage their accounts efficiently. The powerful ELLIPAL APP allows you to trade anywhere and keeps you informed of real-time market information. You can use this APP to buy/swap/stake/DAPP. ELLIPAL adds operational convenience without information security risks, and each transaction initiated by the app requires a two-step verification process using a cold wallet.