šŸŒ”ColdLar Touch Crypto Hardware Wallet šŸŒ–Secure Device For BTC ETH ERC-20 Authorized Reseller

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Brand: ColdLar Touch

Brand Introduce:

The founder and CEO of ColdlarĀ Technology Co., Ltd is Mr. Dawei, the original co-founder of Huobi. This is a professional company that provides secure storage solutions for blockchain digital assets. The ColdlarĀ Crypto Hardware Wallet launched can not only store a variety of digital assets, but also uses NFCĀ communication to keep private keys from touching the Internet and completely eradicate them. The risk of being stolen by hackers is protected, and the security of digital currency assets is guaranteed.5 years,since ColdlarĀ Crypto hardware Wallet was established, there has neverĀ been oneĀ security incident so far.

Model: Touch
NFC: Support
Security Chip: CC EAL6+

Height: 54mm

Width: 86mm

Depth: 0.86mm

Weight: 6g